My Experience, Her Experience

I was only 12 when i joined secondary school; something of rare occurrence in my country, Uganda. I started nursery school pretty early and i was enrolled in one of the early learner’s classes for just one school term and then quickly initiated into Primary school after 3 months of being in nursery school. So i did not have the time most of my counterparts did to make friends and meaningfully engage with others in the school.

When it was time to sit for my Advanced level examinations in high school, the teacher in-charge of registration said i was not eligible for registration because i was not up to age to sit for those exams; this almost sparked a squabble between my parents and the school administration. Thank God, it was amicably resolved and i was allowed to sit for my exams.

Prior to that, being a girl and experiencing all the body changes any normal girl does, i did have quite a hard time embracing all these moments; top most being the onset of Menstruation! I still dread my period just so you know. I still vividly remember the first day; i was so disturbed, not because i didn’t know what it was but because of the pain, emotional and psychological stress that came with it. I remember the girl who helped me go through it; Bridget, such a darling. I still bump into her occasionally and first thing that comes to my remembrance is what she did for me in 2014. I had been expecting it but i guess not at age 12; i felt horrible but again had to quickly snap out of that and accept it. At least i had been prepared for it.

For that reason, i can’t help but always imagine a 10 year old girl who has not been prepared for this time of her life. I imagine the amount of stress she has to go through just to try and understand what is happening to her body. Often times, she will not have anyone to talk to about it or even ask in order to have a glimpse of what’s going on with her. I’m thinking the people she expects help from will not even care to approach her and take her through it and that is very saddening.


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Girls are very vulnerable and only with proper guidance and the right listening ears, as they evolve, will they be made into the resilient young women they always hoped and dreamed of becoming; those that will not accept to be victims of circumstances but only victors!


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I still dream of a world where anyone and everyone will see the girl child as their responsibility whether or not she has blood ties with you. A world where anyone and everyone will recognize an injustice being done to the girl child and quickly run to her rescue.

We all came from a woman’s womb, and she was once a girl! Let’s not allow her be crushed by situations we can collectively deal away with!


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  1. rniks24l14 says:

    This is quite tragic to hear the circumstances in uganda.
    I appreciate you did fight the circumstances and won a lot for the people of your age.
    Way to go. 😊✊

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    1. daisyalepo says:

      The struggle still continues my friend…this is an issue we have to deal with on a daily not just in Africa or Uganda particularly but also some parts of Asia and its tragic…these are young girls that need a sense direction on growing up well and it’s what i’m set out to do. Thank you for your remarks too; i appreciate!

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      1. rniks24l14 says:

        Well, i am equally concerned for the bold step you have taken.
        And its a really nice feeling when you get to know that people are just not writing, but even doing.
        I am going to apply some of it into my life as well and thereby inspire people to be educated and get a high perspective in life.
        Thanks you so much for the idea.

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      2. daisyalepo says:

        Great decision! Always be the change agent…Ciao.

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      3. rniks24l14 says:

        Yes! 😊


  2. seed4future says:

    Reblogged this on seed4future and commented:
    Investing in Young Girls is investing in preparing a brighter future!More voices should rise to advocate for these vulnerable groups.

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